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Become a CRNA in 16 Hours (Program Fee $300.00)

Approved by QCHF (Quality Care Health Foundation)

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(CRNA) Certified Restorative Nurse Assistants in the United States are largely women. The group as a whole has a nationwide average of $11.93 per hour for pay. Salary ranges from $11.00 per hour on the low end to $15-17 on the high end. Residence is the biggest factor affecting pay for this group, followed by experience level. While just over two-fifths report receiving no health benefits, approximately half do receive medical coverage, and more than two-fifths have dental, as well. Most Certified Restorative Nurse Assistants report high levels of job satisfaction. The figures in this rundown are based on the results of Pay Scale’s salary questionnaire.

Certified restorative nurse assistants almost always work in hospitals. This type of nurse assistant is extremely hands-on, in order that the patient can apply the restorative treatments designed for them. All certified restorative nurse assistants should also have the ability to write routine reports and correspondence and have a professional deposition when dealing with all levels of staff.

Certified Restorative Nurse Assistant (CRNA) Tasks:

  • Perform assigned formalized therapy under supervision of nursing staff.
  • Assist patients in performing range of motion, ambulation, eating, and special positioning techniques.
  • Provide direct restorative care for patients.

CRNA Requirements:

  • Active certification as a Nursing Assistant
  • Good understanding of the English language
  • Healthcare uniform/Scrubs, athletic shoes and gait belt

CRNA Course Outline

Restorative Nursing Program
Medical Overview
Cognition, Communication & Hearing
Dysphagia & Restorative Dining
Joint Mobility

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