cna school in temeculaAlthough courses offered by Temecula Valley School of Nursing (TVSN) runs less than 30 days, with an extensive review given to every graduate before the State Examination and the student’s commitment and determination to pass, we guarantee success. From the Program Coordinator to its RN Program Coordinator, instructors and all staff of TVSN, each student is rest assured of the “Experience you can trust.” Owner and Administrator had been in the business of giving the CNA training program since 2006.

We serve a wide range of clientele, ages 16 to age capable of doing the job with utmost passion and commitment to offer and do the best of what they do, “service” to those in need especially the elderly population.

The school offers an affordable, nurturing, and challenging learning environment that serves the County of Riverside and other neighboring counties. The school strives to prepare its graduates to passing the California State and Board examinations, to set high goals, to be productive members of the society as healthcare professionals.

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